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Be A Champion for Mercy This Christmas!

A married couple and their young daughter were experiencing a serious life crisis. The husband had lost his job, and although he had found a new one, the time between jobs left them depleted. They were without housing, money for food and transportation as well as medical care for the wife who had health issues. …

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Champions For Mercy Annual Fund Campaign

The Champions for Mercy Gala help on October 20, 2016 was the kick-off for Mercy’s first Annual Fund Campaign. The goal of the campaign this year is $60,000. Thanks to all our friends and supporters, the Gala was a success and we have raised over $40,000 so far. We still need your help to take…

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Testimonial – Mercy Saved my Family

Mercy Support Services has literally saved my family. They are such an amazing organization and I am so grateful that I was able to receive their help rebuilding my life.I am a single mother, with two elementary school-aged children. My children’s father is not active in their lives and does not pay child support. We…

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