A Word From Patrick

Add us to your vacation check list!

Yes, summer is here! This year we experienced all the seasons during our “winter months,” but only a little bit at a time. Some of us are preparing for our vacation and the long hot days of summer. From time to time the thought that we are entering the hurricane season may cross our

minds, however that doesn’t prevent us from planning ahead.

We here at Mercy Support Services continue to help families and individuals in need no matter what the season. Hunger, illnesses, loss of job, eviction from their homes – these know no seasons. Summer or winter, rain or shine, our neighbors who are in crises need our help! They

need hope to get to the next day. With your support, Mercy doors have remained open no matter what the season. image showing a beach ball, snorkel equipment and umbrella on the beach

So, as vacation time rolls around we are appealing to you that as you think of vacation and summer, remember that our neighbor’s needs never go on vacation. So please add us to your check list, so you would not forget to send your donation before you leave.

Thank you for your support! We pray that you and your family have a wonderful and safe summer.

May God bless you!

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