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Meet Dena Collins

photo of Dena CollinsIntroducing Dena Collins, Program Director

Dena Collins is a Jacksonville/Orange Park native who has lived here for 44 years. She has worked in corporate America her entire life and brings to the organization extensive administrative leadership skills. She has also been deeply involved in ministry over the last 15+ years, including missions leadership, women’s ministry leadership, teaching, outreach and various serving roles over the years. She is currently pursuing her degree in Ministry and plans to also pursue her degree in Christian Counseling as well. When asked to share her heart about Mercy and her transition from corporate America to our organization, here is what she had to say:

“Having volunteered with Mercy Support Services through their Adopt-A-Home program many years ago, I quickly fell in love with the vision of Mercy and their heart to serve others. It was an amazing experience so much so that when the opportunity came all these years later to become a part of the organization, I barely had to think twice! 

“Being in corporate America and working for the same company for 20 years, I knew the sacrifice I would be making. However, everything about it felt right in my spirit! I accepted the position of Program Director February 1, 2017 and have never looked back with any regret. I know that God brought Mercy back into my life for a purpose. I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to serve with an organization that I know firsthand wants nothing more than to love and serve those who are hurting and broken in our community. In my youth and early twenties, I myself was one of those who needed ‘mercy’.

“I am now beyond blessed every single day with the privilege of witnessing the unified efforts of staff, volunteers, donors and fellow organizations coming together, each in their own way, to pour out the love of Christ to others by meeting the various needs of the less fortunate in our area. 

I would like to think that in the short five months I’ve been here that I’ve contributed to the cause. But I have to be honest, the greatest contribution has been what serving with Mercy has given back to me. My heart is now forever changed after being exposed to and intimately involved with the realities of homelessness. Seeing it up close on a daily basis and seeing the impact that Mercy is making in the lives of those affected keeps me deeply humbled, purposefully passionate and extremely thankful that I get the honor of serving with them every single day. 

“Mercy could not do what it does without the love, compassion and support of so many hearts linked together. It’s truly the most beautiful movement I’ve ever witnessed in my many years in ministry, volunteering, mission works and past career. I can’t imagine NOT being a part of the Mercy Support Services family.

If God has given you a desire to be a part of a movement that is making a tangible difference in the lives of others, then I can’t encourage you enough to learn more about us and get plugged in to what God is doing through Mercy Support Services. The lives you will help to impact are endless. What YOU will gain is immeasurable.”

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