Meet Volunteer Angie Brauner

Angie Brauner, Volunteer Care Coach

photo of Angie BraunerI was led to being a volunteer with Mercy Support Services by the Lord. He put several signs in front of me over a period of three years, so I was obedient and got involved.

After going through some pretty difficult times in my 20’s, I became a Christian in my 30’s. As I grew in my walk, I struggled with the concept of showing mercy. It took a while to understand that it wasn’t my job to judge who deserved help and in what form. It was so much simpler to just show mercy to all and let God sort out the rest.

I’ve done various volunteer work over the years and I’ve learned about how and why some people are successful and others struggle, sometimes for their entire lives. I wanted to dig deeper and figure out what causes this struggle and how to improve it. God gave me gifts involving family, social relationships, household management, and financial planning. 

Now, in my late 50’s, I am in a great position to give my time and resources. Mercy is where I’m supposed to be to really get an understanding of those who find themselves in a crisis situation. As a care coach, I am given the wonderful opportunity to teach others life skills they never had the chance to learn. It’s both challenging and rewarding. 

I enjoy the one-on-one meetings with my clients and building a relationship. Some have never had a support system and I take that responsibility seriously. I have developed a loosely structured program designed to each individual client’s needs as they grow and change.

The problems in our world are overwhelming for me. I just want to help change the life of one person at a time in my community and pray that it makes a difference. Keeping it small and simple in my county. Being the hands and feet of Jesus. And above all else, love one another.



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