So Glad She Asked For Help

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Below is the testimony from R.J., a recent graduate of our Mercy Support Services Self-Sufficiency Program. R.J. is a single mom who came into our program determined to make a better life for herself and her 10 year old daughter. She has made great strides during her time in our program and has been able to position herself for success. She is now moving into her own place and we couldn’t be more proud of her and excited to see all that God has in store for her.
Here are her words to Mercy upon her graduation:

I’m so thankful for Mercy. I look back on where I was and where I am now and I just thank God that He had these amazing people helping me, talking to me, and showing me how much they care. They are just so full of love and happiness. I just can’t even explain how thankful I am. It’s so great to see that there are still people out there trying to really help and I know it’s really hard for me to ask for help but I’m so glad I did because I got close to a couple of great women who I will never forget and I love them so very much. Thank you so much for this life changing experience. I’m so grateful for all the help. God is so amazing and on time!
– R.J.

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