Testimonial: Being A Care Coach

Care Coaches Rejoice

My husband and I have been care coaches with Mercy Support Services for just over a year now. After being introduced to Patrick with Mercy Support Services by friends, we recognized this was an opportunity to serve outside of our Church family and invest in the lives of those we might not otherwise have a chance to minister to.

several people standing in a circle prayingHonestly, I more so than my husband, had some feelings of concern and doubt about the task ahead and the possible situations we might encounter. Would we be up to the challenge? Would I be able to pull up alongside and provide valuable and effective ministry no matter the circumstances?

What we have learned is God meets his servants in the middle of ministry and service! Through much prayer and obedience, even when feeling inadequate at times, He has guided and directed our steps. God is not looking for our ability rather He is looking for our availability. I am so thankful for His guidance and the wonderful training provided by Mercy. I feel we’ve come such a long way in the past year.

As we have been afforded the blessing of pulling up alongside families in need through Mercy Support Services, we have also learned how much He has been working in our own lives as well. At times we recognize we are receiving our own care coaching from Heaven above. We are reminded often of Jesus’ words that if we even provide a cup of cold water in his name, in as much as we have done so to the least of these, we have done so unto Him.

The heartbeat of Mercy Support Services is Jesus! In our year plus serving with Mercy, we have experienced highs and lows with our clients.There are difficult moments and mountaintop moments! Yet we recognize that is the heart of living life alongside others, weeping when they weep, rejoicing when they rejoice! Praying for and with our clients has become such a privilege and blessing! We are so excited to see so many new care and financial coaches coming on board! Truly God is doing something special here at Mercy Support Services.

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