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Testimonial: Hope and Water

photo of faucet with drip of water

Left High and Dry, Single Mom is Aided By Mercy Support Services

A single mother contacted Mercy Support Services after being without water in her home for nearly a week. She was searching for help and feeling discouraged. She called into our call center and was directed to our program director for assistance. An appointment was scheduled the same day for her to bring in paperwork so we could try to get her water restored ASAP. Upon the client coming into the office we were able to contact the utility company and fax them a “promise to pay” voucher, which allowed the client’s water to be restored within 2 hours. It was also discovered that the client was going through a very difficult domestic situation and was feeling defeated and hopeless in every way. Over a two hour time period, we were able to not only restore her water (again, due to the generosity and support of our partner churches), but also provide her with other local resources that could help her. We listened, coached and ministered to the mother for about an hour, ending in a time of prayer that seemed to give the client a sense of hope and peace. Through many tears and deep breaths, she left feeling a little lighter that day. 

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