Testimonial – Loss and Love

Loss or Love: When Life Is Turned To Ashes, Hearts Turn To God

This is the story of Robert B. and his mother who recently experienced a fire in their Clay County home. The fire destroyed everything they had and took the life of their family dog, who alerted them to the fire. They were referred to Mercy Support Services for any possible assistance we could give. Fortunately, we were able to provide them with clothing and other support, as well as various referrals to get the specific support they needed during this time. photo of fireman with house on fire

Here is Robert’s story in his own words:

My story begins as a story of what would seem to be loss. On May 10, 2017, we were awakened by a home filled with flames and smoke. We had just enough time to wake up and run out. Our fire alarm was our small family dog, who barked until she made us aware of the situation; sadly she perished that day. We sat outside and watched the loved and cherished items of our lives burnt to dust. All seemed lost. We stood there with only the clothes we were wearing. 

Not knowing where to turn, we called a local church, which guided us to several other churches, which also led us to Mercy Support Services. In one week’s time, we had a furnished home stocked with food and clothes to wear. Although the items of our past were gone, a new life awaited us. God showed us love through Mercy Support Services, His church and all our brothers and sisters in Christ. Without their generosity, we would be on the street with nowhere to turn. 

God allowed our past to burn to ashes, but He already had a new beginning waiting for us. I sit here with my thoughts of the earthly possessions that are gone forever, but I rejoice in the newness of life God has prepared. If we don’t keep ministries like Mercy Support Services funded and equipped, it may be you one day in our shoes with no one able to reach out to and help pick you up with a loving hand. 

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