The Haircut

photo of boy getting a haircut

I woke up this morning after a very restless sleep and a heavy heart. I have two boys ages 11 and 14. My youngest son is autistic and the day before I made him get a haircut and he is very, very upset about it. He cried all night and this morning. As I started this morning for my daily run I thought about ways to make him feel better about it and I realized that a haircut was the hardest thing I have had to deal with in the last few months. It made me smile and I thanked God for that. It hasn't been six months that I was stressing about a place to live, clothes for my boys and food for them.
We were homeless, living in a hotel which I was paying about 70 dollars a day. We maintained that way for over 5 months. My license got suspended for not having insurance. I worked everyday, took the boys to school and I prayed constantly. On top of everything, my health was taking a very heavy toll. I have MS and I started having major episodes. I was rushed to the hospital twice from my job. My neurologist informed me I was losing my vision in my right eye. I felt like everything was falling apart, but everyday I got up despite the obstacles and kept going because I knew somehow and someway God would make a way. I contacted Mercy and Dena and Pastor Patrick reached out to help. Mercy got me back on the road legally. I felt a weight lifting off me.
I contacted Congressman Ted Yoho's office about a situation I was having with my son's disability and Jim Adams reached out and rained resources my way. I was driving down the road one day and I saw a place for rent that I didn't see on the internet and met Beth, and she became a true angel to me and my boys. Not only did she rent the place to me, she went above and beyond by bringing clothes and pictures for the place.
My blessings would go on forever if I was to list everything and everyone that brought me to this point, but one thing for sure is God put them all on my path. I work less and started working out with my oldest son to become healthier.
So as I ran today with my heavy heart over my son being sad about his haircut, I cried and thanked God for every blessing. I realized how far we have come in a very little time. I want to thank Jennifer Wheeler at the Salvation Army, Cindy from Heart for Homes, Dena from Mercy, Pastor Patrick from Mercy, Jim Adams for the Congressman Ted Yoho’s Office and my Landlord and friend Beth.


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