Legacy in Action families donation

Legacy in Action families donate $1.125M to Mercy Support Services in Clay County

Funds buy 5 acres the site for Mercy Village, 67 housing units and offices

CLAY COUNTY, Fla. – March 6, 2020 – A Clay County serial entrepreneur is looking to inspire others to build a legacy beyond success in business.

In addition to owning four Clay County companies (Action Roofing, Legacy Dock & Marine Construction, Action Construction, and Legacy Homes), Joelle Marquis (bio and photo) and her husband, Ken, along with Robert and Lori Gunn launched Legacy in Action. Through Legacy in Action, they’re setting an example to inspire other accomplished businesspeople to be more philanthropic with their talent and treasures.

Today, Legacy in Action kickstarts its example-setting by making a generous $1.125 million donation to Mercy Support Services that will buy 5 acres of land and an office. Mercy Support Services helps those who are circumstantially in need by providing services that guide them to self-sufficiency. Mercy Support Services will use the property to develop Mercy Village, a community of 67 housing units, and its offices.

Joelle also enjoys a successful career as a Manhattan private equity partner. After her family of five survived a life-changing automobile accident in 2000, she and her family decided to take on a higher calling with their extra days on Earth.

“This investment will pay dividends for our community for generations,” Joelle said. “We did not make this donation lightly and believe we are following God’s call to action. We did our due diligence just as we would do any private equity deal in Manhattan. We’ve served on the board, we know its leadership, its succession plan, the financials, and operations, as well as the organizational development. We are very confident this donation will be a life-changing opportunity for many families in need.”

Joelle and her Legacy in Action partners encourage others who feel led to get involved, explore how they can create their own legacy, or donate to the work of Mercy Support Services and its Mercy Village, to visit www.legacyclay.com.


Jason Mudd, Axia Public Relations for Legacy in Action, 904-583-1977 mobile
Kim Deppe, Deppe Communications for Mercy Support Services, 904-524-0170 mobile