Recovering Clay is an extension of Mercy Support Services – a 501C(3) whose mission is getting the right help - to people in need.  Recovering Clay is responding to immediate and unresolved needs of individuals and families from Hurricane Irma.

What does Recovering Clay offer?

Recovering Clay works with Federal, State and local housing programs to assist those Clay County residents who were impacted by Hurricane Irma, and any future disasters, with the recovery of a safe shelter for every family.

How is Recovering Clay funded?

With an initial start of $100K raised by Rep. Travis Cummings and State Senator Rob Bradley, primary resources come from individual donations, fundraising events and grant funding where obtainable.

What other organizations offer disaster-relief assistance?

Clay County Emergency Operations continues to be the primary point of contact for Clay County residents. They can assist the public with immediate needs and information.

Recovering Clay operates as an extension of the 501c(3) status of  Mercy Support Services. They, along with the Clay SafetyNet Alliance, are inviting more stakeholders in Clay County to be proactive by collaborating, sharing resources, expanding communication, avoiding duplication and championing common projects that will benefit the whole county.

Who are the recipients?

Qualifying Recipients of Recovering Clay services are Clay County individual residents who have experienced immediate and unresolved needs from Hurricane Irma. After exhausting all other funding sources from federal, state and local government and charities, Mercy Support Services and the Recovering Clay Allocation Team consider the home recovery needs and appropriate solutions on a case-by-case basis.

How can I help?

There are several ways to make a difference on the GIVING Page on the website through

  1. Giving a one-time donation
  2. Setting up a monthly pledge