December 3 is #GivingTuesday

Giving Tuesday is the first Tuesday after Thanksgiving (December 3, 2019), and the day following "Cyber Monday."


Giving Tuesday was established as a day of philanthropy in the midst of holiday buying as a day to remember those who are less fortunate at a time when we are counting our blessings and purchasing gifts.

Once again, we are celebrating Give Mercy Day as a way for our supporters to share their blessings with Clay County neighbors in need. Here and on Facebook, you can #GiveMercy and watch the progress as we head toward our goal.

In addition, as part of the national movement, we are asking our donors to tell us their "Giving Story." We want to hear why you give to Mercy Support Services! Just add #MyGivingStory or send us an Email with your thoughts.

We are very excited about this opportunity to increase the assistance we provide to families and individuals in need in Clay County. Thank you for supporting #GiveMercyDay!

Make Your #GivingTuesday Gift Now

Here are a few Giving Stories that have been shared by our supporters.

“We appreciate the ministry of Mercy Support to help those in need in the community. Therefore, as a church we find it a great value to financially support an agency that will assist those who often come to the church first for help and and if we are unable to meet their needs for housing, food or other services we know Mercy Support maybe able to assist.

We love to give and we want to give and support a respected local ministry to receive the blessing so it can be poured back into our local community. In helping Mercy Support we truly believe we are doing our assignment of participating in what Jesus instructed disciples of His to do via Acts 1:8 "be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Helping Mercy Support is helping “our local  Jerusalem” right here in Clay County. 

- #MyGivingStory from PA, Freedom Destiny Church.

"It only takes a moment for a life changing event to occur. For some of us , it could be the sudden loss of a job or for others it could be the sudden loss of our physical health. Mercy Support Services has the systems and the people in place to rally around us all in our time of need. We are blessed to have such a great community partner in Clay County and it is why Tony and I contribute. We absolutely want our community to thrive on every level!”

- #MyGivingStory from Mayor Connie Thomas, Town of Orange Park.

"I found out about Mercy through my sister (Dena Collins) and have been impressed by the great work you all do.  I love supporting people and organizations that work hard to make a difference in other's lives and Mercy is at the top of the list.  Your task is difficult, can be heartbreaking and I'm sure impacts your emotions on a daily basis, yet each of you continue to push through and be the voices and support that so many need to help get in a better place in their lives.The time I have spent with the team and volunteering for Mercy, have been nothing short of inspiring and I can't wait to share more experiences with them. Thank you for all you do to make this world a better place."

- #MyGivingStory from Paula G.

“Mercy is a one of a kind organization that is connected in someway to every social service organization in Clay County.  Mercy has the attention of the doers and shakers in Clay County.  Mercy has the attention of those that can make positive changes in Clay County.  Their voices are being heard.  When donating time and money what more as a volunteer could you ask for.  An organization with a heart and voices being heard!"

- #MyGivingStory from Janey F.

“I believe GOD wants us to be a light for those who may be in a state of hopelessness & darkness - Mercy is that LIGHT , and I love being a small part of that !! God wants us to love the spirit of giving with a generous heart ❤️ Mercy Support Services shows compassion & love & provides the resources - I want to be part of an organization that does that ! Impactful, generous, loving, & faithful helping hands .. THAT’S MERCY SUPPRT SERVICES.”

- #MyGivingStory from Christinne V Perez.

What’s your giving story? Join other Mercy supports by adding your own #MyGivingStory on Facebook.