Testimonial: Your Support Was A Blessing To Their Family

We asked N.H., a recent Rapid Rehousing graduate of Mercy, to tell us about her experience. She worked with us for one year to obtain housing, while receiving financial coaching/guidance to sustain self-sufficiency. This is her story.

What brought you to Mercy for help, what was your situation?

We were living in a hotel . It was a family of four. We only had one income due to my husband suffering from uncontrollable seizures and he was not able to work. We heard about Mercy through my daughter’s school. I called Ms. Francis for rental assistance and she gave me information regarding the rapid rehousing program.

How has Mercy helped you regain self sufficiency? What type of support did you receive?

Mercy helped our family get into affordable housing through the rapid rehousing program. We also met great financial counselors named Mrs. Janice and Mr. Tim who provided guidance on saving and money management.

How are you today after graduating and completing your program successfully?

We are living comfortably and no longer worrying about the safety of hotel living. We are financially able to pay our bills and have a savings account building.

If you could say anything to the donors/supporters/volunteers of the Mercy organization, what would it be?

You were such a blessing to our family and just that one phone call changed our lives. Thank you for all that you do for the families in our community. You will all be forever in our hearts. You are all a blessing.