The goal of all of Mercy’s Programs is to promote client self-sufficiency through collaborative partnerships within our Community, whether through Churches, Private Businesses, Corporations, Individuals or Philanthropic Groups.  Our philosophy is to surround individuals and families with the necessary supports that most effectively promote independence.  We achieve this through the use of trained Care and Financial Coaches who provide guidance, consistency, accountability, motivation, emotional support and promote confidence.

If you’re in need, you can reach a Call Center Care Agent by calling:

(904) 297-4052

Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.



  • A platform to network county-wide organizations and offer assistance/referrals to people in crisis
  • Thoroughly knowledgeable and a coordinator of: resources, programs and services for people in crisis
  • An initiator of missing services NOT available to people in crisis
  • A continuum of care that is consistent until clients are self-sufficient
  • An organization with a holistic approach and heartfelt, caring people who treat clients with respect – no condemnation or patronization
  • Consistent in policies and practices
  • A stellar organization with a team of well-trained staff and volunteers whose passion is to help people.

Mercy is not:

  • A homeless shelter
  • Everything to all people
  • Just a call center
  • A church
  • A duplicator of services
  • An exclusive body, catering to a select group
  • Restrictive to who can participate