The saying goes, "Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime." Our heart is to see every person reach their full God-given potential, for a lifetime. At Mercy Support Services, we believe in providing for, supporting, encouraging, teaching and holding our clients accountable.

Mercy knows the first most basic and urgent need is Supportive Housing. Mercy Support Services has a limited capacity to house families for a temporary time period as they embark on their journey to obtain self sufficiency. With the safety and security of having a roof over their head and provisions, our clients can then begin to prepare and focus on the next steps toward securing their future by transforming their life.

Life transformation is obtained through walking alongside our clients during their crisis using an enhanced life coaching model that is rooted in the belief that everyone has unique gifts, purposes, and potential. Our model promotes growth and performance by integrating our Christian faith, principles and values into the process as our clients overcome their current hardships and barriers; teaching them not how to just make a living, but how to truly live!

During our program our clients occupy an active role in their life transformation by our use of an Individualized Success Plan which is based on their unique circumstances and their specific needs. Each client’s situation requires a personalized approach that many times makes it necessary to rely on additional services. By partnering with other providers in our county, our clients are able to receive additional support and encouragement through our church partners, organizations, Mercy staff, and wrap-around agencies that join us in removing barriers for the participant.

As we coach each client through our program, accountability measures are put into place to assist with focus and commitment for our clients to achieve a successful goal of independence and self-sufficiency. Weekly meetings with either Program Coaches, Life Coaches or Financial Coaches monitor measurable growth and acceptable performance around the individual and their set goals. These methods ensure that our participants take their program seriously and that they want change and independence and are willing to work for it until it is achieved and they can independently live.


With the help of generous donors, Mercy is able to include supportive housing...


With the help of generous donors, Mercy is able to include supportive housing as a part of our Self-Sufficiency Program for Clay County families who are in transition.

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People in crisis are often quite stressed. Mercy Support Services trains volunteer program coaches to provide guidance to families in their time of crisis.


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