Mercy Support Services has established the “Guardian Partners” recognizing those who make a planned commitment to give on a consistent basis - weekly, monthly, quarterly and Annually (after 3-year commitment).

Why You Should Become A Guardian Partner

Each year since its founding, Mercy has increased the number of people served through our Call Center, Self-Sufficiency, Housing and Coaching programs. Here in Clay County, we know there are still unmet needs and we have a bold vision to grow to meet those needs.

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The Benefits Include:

  • A recurring gift helps Mercy secure its budget and stabilize the programs we offer. Whether you provide a weekly, monthly or quarterly gift, your financial support means we can assure a level of service to the community, increasing and improve those services over time.
  • As our prayer partners, you will receive a quarterly email report that shares a more intimate perspective of the needs and accomplishments of Mercy’s day-to-day mission, to keep on your prayer list.
  • Recurring giving offers benefits, in the savings of less paperwork and staff hours in the general budget. With the reliability of a consistent income, Mercy needs fewer appeals, and less reliance on the outcome of events and auctions.
  • Guardian Partners receive promotional materials to help brand and share the word with others on the vital role they play in assisting the Mercy mission.


Arsenal Capital Management
Keith & Melanie Bartholomew
Patrick Berry
Grady & Pearl Boles
Jeffrey & Jennifer Boyer
Scott & JoLynn Carter
James & Susan Chester
James Calandro
Dena & JC Collins
Mary Cook
Robert & Diane Cowie
Robert & Sophie Dentiste
Jason Dillaberry
James & Eva Dion
DUBO Roofing Company
Duke & Kristina Duncan
Eleven 22 Church
Ben & Linda Evans
Michael & Cheryl Field
Ann Finneran
First Baptist of Orange Park
First Presbyterian Church of GCS
Freedom Destiny Church
John & Bert Gates
Glowacki Engineering
Paula Godbee

William Godfrey
Grace Anglican Church
Rob & Lori Gunn
Tephi & Martin Halverson
Terry & Pam Harris
Ana Hartman
Patrick & Selena Hayle
Hibernia Baptist Church
Glen & Mary Holcombe
James & Lori Horne
Island View Baptist Church
Steven & Patricia James
AJ & Carole Johns
Journey Church
Michael & Katherine Loader
Sharon Kay Manly
Ken & Joelle Marquis
Wayne & Francine Marshall
Tim & Janice Martin
Glenn & Terri Miller
April McDonald
John & Sally McDonald
Robert & Julie Miller
Lorin & Valerie Mock
Robert & Leslie Olson
Orange Park Presbyterian Church

Orange Park United Methodist Church
Planet Granite Group, Inc.
Peter Pylipow
Ellen Sackett
Michael & Shelby Serig
State Farm - Katherine Baustert
George & Nancy Suddath
Theresa Sumner
Rev. David & Tracy Tarkington
Mayor Connie Thomas
Janice Tucker
Marshall & Patti Walker
Frances Walters
John & Melissa Whitaker
Glynn & Lana Wimberly
David Young
Marc & Deborah Youngblut