Mercy Support Services has established the “Guardian Partners” recognizing those who make a planned commitment to give on a consistent basis - weekly, monthly, quarterly and Annually (after 3-year commitment).

Why You Should Become A Guardian Partner

Each year since its founding, Mercy has increased the number of people served through our Call Center, Self-Sufficiency, Housing and Coaching programs. Here in Clay County, we know there are still unmet needs and we have a bold vision to grow to meet those needs.

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The Benefits Include:

  • A recurring gift helps Mercy secure its budget and enhance the programs we offer. Whether you provide a weekly, monthly or quarterly gift, your financial support means we can assure a level of service to the community, increasing and improving those services over time.
  • As our prayer partners, you will receive a quarterly email report that shares a more intimate perspective of the needs and accomplishments of Mercy’s day-to-day mission, to keep on your prayer list.
  • Recurring giving offers benefits, in the savings of less paperwork and staff hours in the general budget. With the reliability of a consistent income, Mercy needs fewer appeals, and less reliance on the outcome of events and auctions.
  • Guardian Partners receive promotional materials to help brand and share the word with others on the vital role they play in assisting the Mercy mission.


Robert and Diane Cowie

Katherine Baustert State Farm

Rick and Susan Wood

Ken and Joelle Marquis

Orange Park United Methodist Church

Tim and Janice Martin

First Baptist of Orange Park

Jason Dillaberry

Terry and Pam Harris

Michael and Shelby Serig

Ellen Hill

DUBO Roofing Company

James and Eva Dion

Grace Anglican Church

William Godfrey

Jay and Cathy Patterson

Freedom Destiny Church

River Christian Church

Tobi McGuigan

The Horne Group

Hibernia Baptist Church

Orange Park Presbyterian Church

Duke and Kristina Duncan

Eleven 22 Church

Connie Thomas

Charles and Xiomara Lever

Teresa Gaslin

Rob and Lori Gunn

Michael and Katherine Loader

Bill and Kathlyn Nipper

James and Lori Horne

Lorin and Valerie Mock

Van and Sandra Royal

Robert and Leslie Olson

David Stallings/United Way

Michael and Cheryl Field

Jacksonville Automobile Dealers Assoc Inc

Matt and Alma Coffey

Jeff and Jennifer Boyer

JC and Dena Collins

Stephanie Brinley

Marshall and Patti Walker

Scott and JoLynn Carter

Central Baptist Church

Paul and Phyllis  Simpson

Grady and Pearl Boles

R. Patrick and Selena Hayle

Linda Tanner

James and Susan Chester

John and Melissa Whitaker

Orange Park United Methodist

Ellen Sackett

Paula Godbee

Chiqui Hartman

Dianne  Wears

Marc and Deborah Youngblut

Robert and Sophie Dentiste

William McFarland

David and Tracy Tarkington

Bryan and Becky Gillan

Robert and Julie Miller

Ken and Beth Haizlip

The Beach Company

Shelly and Jim Hughes

Jim and Sandra Reynolds

Adam and Laura Hardegree

Adam Smithyman


Keith and Melanie Bartholomew

James and Ann Smith

Sharon Kay Manly

Adam Mullennix

Connie Arrington

James Calandro

Virginia Bernard

Glowacki Engineering

Crystal Farrell

Tephi and Martin Halverson

Lori Gunn, Inc

Annette Webb

John and Bert Gates

Steve Schneller

Glen and Mary Holcombe

Ann Finneran

Vicky Wild

Al and Mary Little

Frances Walters

Steven and Patricia James