Dr. Robert Cowie Board Chair MercyMercy Village is Coming!

Many of you have heard me refer to the message played on the famous London “Tube” as the train approaches the station to “mind the gap”, that is the space between the platform and the train.

Most of us are fortunate enough to live in nice homes and have no food insecurities, so it is hard for us to believe that 10.6% of Clay County live at or below the federal poverty level and an additional 23% live below the federally designated ALICE (Asset Limited Income Constrained but Employed, I.e. the working poor) level. And these figures are before the COVID-19 pandemic, so we fear that “the gap” is growing.

Since March 15 the number of calls coming into our call center have more than doubled. We have expended more than $110,000 to keep over 80+ families in their homes or apartments and keep their utilities on, and the need continues. Some of this money has come from the government CARE program as well as your donations and other grants. We have successfully concluded our two main events this year, and exceeded our goals.

But now our work must continue as we look forward to seeing our vision of having Mercy Village on College Dr. become a reality. When the pandemic comes to a conclusion we will begin our Capital Campaign. With the support of our staff, our volunteers, your financial support, and most importantly your prayers, Mercy Support Services is CLOSING “the gap”. And with God’s help we will see the train LEAVE the station when the new Mercy Village is built. Please help us in our efforts to continue to Mind the Gap in Clay County this coming year.

To learn more about helping us make an impact in this extraordinary vision for Clay County, please contact                                  Jeff. Boyer@mercysupportservices.org

Dr. Robert Cowie
Board Chair – Mercy Support Services

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