With a decade of service to the Clay County community, Mercy Support Services has cultivated a robust program and collaborative services to meet the needs of people in crisis. Our focus remains on coordinating various components and services that are needed to transition people to self-sufficiency utilizing their own skills and abilities to care for themselves and their families.  From the original efforts of eight faith-based organizations coming together to share information on how to serve our County’s most vulnerable, Mercy Support Services has been at the center of increasing community awareness of those in need and how to use existing resources within our community to best serve these individuals and families.

Our Volunteer Program Coaches provide our families with individualized financial budgeting and support, Life Skills building, and strengthening and accountability partnerships. These relationships foster a loving and stable environment where our clients can actively seek additional income, education, childcare, and improved mental well-being, removing barriers and promoting independence.


Today in Clay County, Florida, there are nearly 1,000 children in our public schools who have no permanent address. Of those, over 140 are considered unaccompanied youth, children with no legal guardian or parent. Mercy’s role in our community is to collaborate with other like-minded organizations to take care of the existing problems of these invisible neighbors and prevent future problems from occurring. Rather than a handout, Mercy believes in giving a hand up and leading families to a path of learning and self-reliance that ultimately enables them to be self-sufficient.

By providing extensive, client-focused intakes, our Life Coaching approach to identify the needs and barriers present we are able to collaborate with the appropriate community partners, and coordinate support for those who are circumstantially in need.

But we cannot do it alone. Helping our invisible neighbors is a labor of love and a fulfillment of our Christian values, and it requires the support of many people and resources. Through fundraising events and giving campaigns, Mercy Support Services asks the businesses, organizations, and families in our community to provide financial support. In addition, volunteers play a critical role in serving our mission and we are dependent upon the people who provide their time and talents.

Please support Mercy Support Services by sharing this website with friends, neighbors, and co-workers, making a contribution, and/or becoming a volunteer. Mercy Support Services is built on the premise of “Empowering people in need for a stable and sustainable future.” We rely on donations from the community to fund our programs and services. Your Support will help us in answering the needs of our invisible neighbors who have come to a place in their lives where they cannot provide for themselves or their families without help. Together, we can lead them back to a place of self-sufficiency.